Strathmore Golf Centre
Strathmore Golf Centre
Leitfie Links

Course Notes

Hole 1 - A Short downhill par 3 to get you started.
Hole 2 - A long par 3 which drops away over a slight rise to a hidden green.
Hole 3 - A short but pretty par 3 through the trees.
Hole 4 - The first par 4 which doglegs left round a plantation.
Big hitters are tempted to play the pin, but if they do not make it they are in trouble.
Hole 5 - A short and seemingly innocuous par 3 which is not as easy as it looks.
Hole 6 - A longer par 4 with the fairway sloping to the right, it pays to be well to the left with your tee shot.
Hole 7 - An uphill par 3.
Hole 8 - A long uphill par 3, this time to a concealed green.
Hole 9 - Another short par 3, again uphill to a shelf green, taking you back to the clubhouse.


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